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  • The program is simple. Students commit to read a certain number of hours over the summer.
  • Students ask family and friends to support their reading goals by making an easy online payment to their organizations custom web page.
  • iscream4reading actively engages children in reading books and further developing their comprehension skills.
  • It's a turnkey fundraising reading program that requires a minimal amount of volunteer time and resources by teachers and parents.

Are you a PTA, PTO, or Booster Club looking for a fundraiser?  iscream4reading focuses on LITERACY and FUNDRAISING

The idea to initiate iscream4reading program began because parents at a local Chicago Public School decided they wanted less reliance on volunteers, have a more student driven fundraiser, and were tired of giving more than 60% of school earned profits to affiliated programs. With just a few volunteers and a student driven fundraiser, they were able to eliminate 3 fundraisers with the iscream4reading program, bringing in $59,000 in it’s first year. In comparison, the 3 former fundraisers raised $25,000. iscream4reading is a fundraising solution that focuses on students, reading, and raising!

A reading based fundraising program that is fun and easy.

- incentive based program
- no risk, no upfront costs
- requires minimal volunteer work
- easy to implement
- custom webpage making donating easy 
- individualized customer support

Schools and Organizations dedicated to raising funds and improving literacy.

- Libraries
- Girls and Boys Clubs
- Literacy Organizations

In the late spring kick off your iscream4reading program with a pep-rally, then have kids read all summer, and distribute prizes in the fall! OR Take advantage of winter or spring break and kick-off a mini reading blitz! 

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