about us2

The idea to initiate iscream4reading program began because parents at a local Chicago Public School decided they wanted less reliance on volunteers, have a more student driven fundraiser, and were tired of giving more than 60% of school earned profits to affiliated programs. With just a few volunteers and a student driven fundraiser, they were able to eliminate 3 fundraisers with the iscream4reading program, bringing in $59,000 in it’s first year. In comparison, the 3 former fundraisers raised $25,000. iscream4reading is a fundraising solution that focuses on students, reading, and raising!

about the founder

Kim Morrow is a mother of two, a former elementary school teacher, and a current fundraiser.

For the past 7 years she has been actively involved with fundraising.  Four consecutive years she chaired the school’s annual auction and currently sits on the local school fundraising board helping to raise over $300,000 dollars a year.  In an effort to reduce the number of fundraisers and increase the program quality, the iscream4reading program began.  

Kim’s goal was to incorporate a fundraiser that would minimize volunteer work while still raising funds and provide students with the inspiration to read.

After launching the program, she was met with such enthusiasm from faculty, parents, and most importantly students, that she felt that she needed to share iscream4reading with other organizations.

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