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Q:  How do I get Started
A:  Easy...Join Now

Q:  We’ve always sold items, why should we change to reading?
A:  By asking your students to commit to reading for the summer you are not only helping to raise funds for your organization, but you are helping them retain and improve upon what they have learned all year.

Q:  How much should we expect to raise?
A:  It depends.  Obviously, the more student participation, the greater the amount.  In it’s first year, a CPS school raised over $50,000 with just over 200 kids participating.

Q:  Why iscream4reading?  Can’t my organization just run their own reading fundraiser?
A:  Yes!, but iscream4reading provides all program materials, prizes, and even a webpage to capture donations.  IS4R will do all the work for you!

Q:  Who can participate?
A:  iscream4reading focuses on children K-8th grade.

Q:  What grades levels? Who can participate? 
A:  All grades, even Kindergarten can join in.

Q:  What if my child doesn’t know how to read?
A:  Whether you’re reading on your own or being read to, ALL reading counts!

Q. When does the program begin and end?
A:  Typically, you will begin your summer reading program a couple weeks before summer break and end it the first week of school.

Q:  What can our organization expect to earn?
A:  It depends.  The more students who participate and collect donations, the more your school raises.  It’s really up to you and your student body.

Q:  How does more organization get paid?
A:  After your fundraiser is over, IS4R writes a check to your organization .

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